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Jackson Grove ME Church on the Enoree River

The Community

Site -- bef 1831, JENKINs Mill (bef 1818, STOVALLs Mill)
Enoree River settlers
Methodists from...
South Tyger River settlers
1765 Nazareth Presbyterian (& Milford, a people in Laurens) (est 1765, chartered 1772)
Greenville Presbyterian? 1788 petition to incorporate
1789 Milford Presbyterian (Wm Cummins DAVIS licensed)
1798 Salem Baptist Church, SHOCKLEY Ferry Chh, Saluda Bapt (Salem Meeting House ment'd 1850 Rachel STOKES TOWNES' will?)
1799 Head of Enoree Baptist Church
1800 Tyger Baptist Church (est. 1800) (Head of Tyger, 1794; Concord? bef 1794?)
Enoree Baptist Church (Head of Enoree 1799 petition to incorporate)
1820 Christ Church Episcopal (org 1820 as a mission Church of England Revd Rodolphus DICKERSON)
1832 Milford Baptist Church (est. 1832)
Saint Mark's Methodist Church
Saint Luke's Methodist Church
Double Springs Baptist Church
1886, Locust Hill Baptist Church
GOODLETT's History on Rootsweb Ancestry
TURNER's History
SCIWAY SC history -- churches by county listing

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