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The Settlers on the Enoree River

The tracts on the south side of the Enoree River near JENKINS' Mill

Adjoining? tracts and possible associations

Beaverdam Creek of Enoree River
Map of Enoree just north of mouth of Beaverdam Creek
Long Branch of Enoree River
BENSON, Robert -- 1804 plat 78 ac in forks of Enoree
GREEN, Elisha
BOYD, Revd Nathan -- fl 1795 Hope UMC (Newberry Co SC)

The Settlers on the Enoree River bef 1831 which appear to be the same or adjoining tracts as the church site are listed above. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. This page created before 29 Nov 2008; last updated 19 Oct 2010. Please come back and visit again! Home