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Elisha GREEN tract 140 ac both sides of Beaverdam Creek

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POOL, Claybon P. tract -- 140 ac both sides of Beaverdam Crk
POOL, Young -- nr Beaverdam Crk
WOOD's line -- nr Beaverdam Crk
MOOR's line -- nr Beaverdam Crk
CAMP, Sollomon -- tract bnd'd on WOODs Creek
POOL, Patsey Petty -- fl 1814 SC deed
POOL, John P -- wit to 1814 SC deed
CARNES, William -- wit to 1814 SC deed
POOLE, Clayborne
POOLE, Clayborne & Patsy

15 Mar 1814 Claybourn Pety POOL of Greenville Dist for $300 paid by Elisha GREEN of the sd Dist sold 140 acres situate on both sides of Bever dam Creek branch of Enoree R bnd'd Young POOL's line, WOOD's line, MOOR's line; also all the part or parcel of land he the sd POOL bought of Sollomon CAMP bnd'd WOOD's Creek, WOOD's old line. s/Claybon P. POOL & Patsey Petty POOL. Wit: John P. POOL & William CARNES. Greenville Dist, SC [Vol O p90-1] Proven by John P. POOL 6 Dec 1824. (Note: how is William CARNES connected to Elisha GREEN? or, is he?) Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. This page created 8 Nov 2008; last updated 10 Jan 2009. Please come back and visit again! Home CAMP's grant