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Rolly JENKINS, 1818 deed from John STOVALL


Individuals mentioned

Church tract
POOL, Jesse P.
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3 Jan 1818 deed: Rolly JENKINS of Greenville from John STOVALL of Greenville for $800, 100 acres on both sides of Enoree River where Gristmill is beginning at head of mill pond thence s 22 ch 25 links thence s, thence along road toward the mill thence a straight course to river where Clayborn P. POOL's fence joins the river thence...Jesse P. POOL's line thence...CLEMENT's line, thence up the river. Wit: John KANADA/CANADY & Reuben JENKINS. 2 Mar 1819. Greenville Co, SC. [Deed Bk K, p352] (Note: is there a plat of this tract?...wgw 10/06) (Note: which CLEMENT?...wgw 10/06) (Note: need to look up each of these men's grants? plats?...wgw 10/06) (Note: how did STOVALL get it?... wgw 11/08) Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! Home Church Tract